Reducing water consumption during times of drought

…they clearly listened carefully, carried out a substantial amount of work, and have come up with some great concepts’ 

Dr Rebecca Pearce 
Research Fellow at University of Exeter

Droughts and water scarcity jointly pose a substantial threat to the environment, agriculture, infrastructure, society and culture in the UK, yet our ability to characterise and predict their occurrence, duration and intensity, as well as minimise their impacts, is often inadequate.

Dr Rebecca Pearce from ‘About Drought’ made contact with us in December 2018 asking us to help them shake up the way we talk about drought and water-saving.

Students came up multi-channel campaign ideas to raise awareness of water scarcity, drought or a water-saving product. These were then selected and showcased to delegates at the Drought & Water Scarcity Conference at University of Oxford’s Pembroke College in March 2019.

Target Audience: Millennials in the UK

Problem:  Millennials use a lot of water, few have gardens and hosepipes, and most don’t pay for their water directly as they either live at home, where parents pay, or in shared accommodation with bills included. They have no idea of the cost of water or the impact of using too much and therefore the current approach to water-saving campaigns will cease to be effective as Baby Boomers decline in number.

Behavioural Change Objective: Reduce water consumption during times of drought.

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