About BE Good

BE Good is an faculty-led, student-driven behavioural change agency and research area within the Department of Advertising at Falmouth University. Our mission is to help to influence behaviour and create positive change through the ethical application of Behavioural Economics (BE). 

BE Good services include three broad areas of BE: behavioural research, strategy and communication

We offer our clients the creative skills and approaches of our current students and in turn, allowing them to gain valuable experience in real world environment, while adding to their portfolio.  

Behavioural Economics is a key part of our curriculum across modules on our creative advertising and marketing communications courses. Students use the EAST framework and the MINDSPACE frameworks to come up with actionable and creative solutions for all kinds of behavioural change briefs. 

Below is a recording of Senior Lecturer, Lucy Cokes, speaking at the Domestic Violence conference in October 2023, where she outlines some the projects we have worked on.

Please get in touch with us if you have a project you would like us to assist you with.