How healthy is your relationship?

From adventures to leisurely strolls, what is your dream romance?

How would you describe your ideal first meeting with your significant other?

a) A chance encounter at a quaint bookstore or cafe.
b) Being introduced by mutual friends at a social gathering.
c) Meeting at a community event or volunteering together.
d) A romantic encounter in a scenic outdoor setting.

Which of the following activities would you choose for a memorable date?

a) Going for a leisurely stroll in a picturesque park.
b) Attending a formal ball or dance event.
c) Having a picnic in a beautiful garden or by the seaside.
d) Taking a horse-drawn carriage ride through the city.

What type of communication would you prefer in your old-fashioned love story?

a) Exchanging handwritten love letters or notes.
b) Writing and reciting heartfelt poetry to each other.
c) Sending flowers and small gifts as symbols of affection.
d) Engaging in deep conversations while enjoying a candlelit dinner.

How would you envision the grand romantic gesture in your old-fashioned love story?

a) A surprise serenade or performance dedicated to your significant other.
b) Writing and publishing a heartfelt declaration of love in a local newspaper.
c) Planning a romantic scavenger hunt leading to a special surprise.
d) A grand gesture of love such as proposing with a vintage heirloom ring.

What would be the backdrop of your ideal old-fashioned love story?

a) A charming small town with cobblestone streets and cosy cafes.
b) A grand and elegant ballroom with chandeliers and beautiful décor.
c) A picturesque countryside with rolling hills and blooming flowers.
d) A breathtaking castle or historical landmark full of romance and history.

How would you prefer to deepen the connection in your old-fashioned love story?

a) Through shared adventures and exploring new places together.
b) Through deep and meaningful conversations about life and dreams.
c) Through acts of kindness and selfless gestures of love.
d) Through creating special memories and cherishing romantic moments.

What would be the ultimate happily ever after in your old-fashioned love story?

a) Settling down in a cosy cottage in the countryside, living a simple and peaceful life.
b) Celebrating a timeless love story with a grand anniversary ball every year.
c) Building a loving family and being pillars of support in the community.
d) Embarking on exciting adventures together, creating a lifetime of memories.

How important is tradition and romance in your ideal old-fashioned love story?

a) Extremely important! Tradition and romance are at the core of my love story.
b) It's important to have elements of tradition and romance, but not overpowering.
c) I appreciate a balance between tradition and modernity in my love story.
d) I haven't thought much about it, but an old-fashioned love story sounds appealing.

Now, let's discover what your old-fashioned love story would be based on your answers!

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