How healthy is your relationship?

Use the following questions as a  way to determine what your love language might be.

I feel most loved when:

a) They buy me a gift
b) They give me a hug or a kiss
c) They tell me how much they appreciate me
d) They do something nice for me as a surprise

The best way someone can cheer me up is by:

a) Buying me something they know I like
b) Giving me a big cuddle
c) Saying something kind and uplifting
d) Doing something thoughtful to make me smile

When I'm spending time with someone I care about, I feel the most connected to them when:

a) We're doing something fun or exciting together
b) We're physically close, like holding hands or cuddling
c) We're having a deep and meaningful conversation
d) They're doing something to help me or make my life easier

When I want to show someone I care, I tend to:

a) Buy them a gift
b) Give them a hug or a kiss
c) Tell them how much I appreciate them
d) Do something nice for them

When someone shows me physical affection, like a hug or a kiss, I feel most loved when:

a) It's accompanied by a thoughtful gift
b) It's a long, tight hug or kiss
c) They're saying something sweet or romantic
d) It's an unexpected gesture that catches me off guard

Time to tally up your answers!

If you answered mostly A's:

Your love language is likely "Receiving Gifts."
If you answered mostly B's:

Your love language is likely "Physical Touch."
If you answered mostly C's

 Your love language is likely "Words of Affirmation."
And if you answered mostly D's:
Your love language is likely "Acts of Service."
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