How healthy is your relationship?

Music can be emotive and help us connect to other people in exciting ways!

When you're interested in someone, how do you usually approach them?

a) With a playful and lighthearted attitude.
b) By engaging them in deep conversations and showing genuine interest.
c) Through subtle hints and gestures.
d) I'm a bit shy and may not approach them directly.

How important is humour when it comes to flirting?

a) Extremely important! I love making people laugh.
b) It's important, but I also enjoy serious and meaningful conversations.
c) I prefer subtle humour or witty banter.
d) I'm not particularly focused on humour when flirting.

What is your preferred way of complimenting someone you're interested in?

a) With clever and funny compliments.
b) By highlighting their intelligence or unique qualities.
c) Through subtle and sweet compliments.
d) I find it challenging to give compliments.

How comfortable are you with physical touch while flirting?

a) Very comfortable! I enjoy playful touches and hugs.
b) I prefer more subtle forms of physical touch, like light touches on the arm.
c) I'm comfortable with it, but I tend to keep it minimal.
d) I'm not comfortable with physical touch while flirting.

How do you usually respond to someone flirting with you?

a) I flirt back with equal enthusiasm and playfulness.
b) I engage in meaningful conversations and show genuine interest.
c) I respond with subtle hints and gestures to keep them interested.
d) I may feel shy or unsure of how to respond.

How important is eye contact in your flirting style?

a) Very important! I make intense eye contact to show interest.
b) I maintain good eye contact to convey sincerity and connection.
c) I use brief but meaningful eye contact to express my feelings.
d) I find it challenging to maintain eye contact while flirting.

How patient are you when it comes to pursuing someone you're interested in?

a) Not very patient, I like to make my intentions clear early on.
b) I'm patient and willing to take things slow if necessary.
c) I prefer a bit of a chase and enjoy the anticipation.
d) I'm not sure, as I haven't had much experience pursuing someone.

How well do you adapt your flirting style to different personalities?

a) Very well, I can adjust and connect with various types of people.
b) I try my best to understand and adapt to different personalities.
c) I tend to have a consistent flirting style, regardless of the person.
d) I'm not sure, as I haven't had much experience with different personalities.

Now, let's find out your flirting style based on your answers!

Remember, this quiz is just for fun. It's important to be yourself and let your personality shine when interacting with others romantically. Enjoy exploring different approaches and finding what works best for you!

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