How healthy is your relationship?

Music can be emotive and help us connect to other people in exciting ways!

How would you describe your ability to make people feel comfortable around you?

a) I have a natural charm that makes people feel at ease.
b) I'm a good listener and offer a supportive presence.
c) I have a great sense of humour that helps people relax.
d) I may take some time to open up, but I create a safe space for others.

How well do you pick up on subtle cues and body language?

a) I'm highly observant and can read people like a book.
b) I'm sensitive to others' emotions and can tell when something's off.
c) I'm good at catching people's jokes and playful gestures.
d) I may need some extra time to understand others' nonverbal cues.

What is your approach to planning and organising dates?

a) I love creating memorable and unique experiences.
b) I take the time to plan thoughtful and meaningful dates.
c) I enjoy finding fun and exciting activities to do together.
d) I prefer going with the flow and being spontaneous.

How would you describe your communication skills in relationships?

a) I excel at expressing my thoughts and feelings clearly.
b) I listen attentively and provide empathetic responses.
c) I use humour and wit to keep the conversation engaging.
d) I may take some time to open up, but I'm a good listener.

How do you handle conflicts or disagreements in relationships?

a) I'm skilled at finding common ground and resolving issues peacefully.
b) I approach conflicts with understanding and a desire for resolution.
c) I use humour and light-heartedness to diffuse tension.
d) I prefer to take a step back and give myself time to reflect.

How comfortable are you with showing vulnerability in relationships?

a) Very comfortable! I believe in open and authentic connections.
b) I'm comfortable sharing my feelings when the time is right.
c) I use humour to mask vulnerability, but I can open up when needed.
d) I find it challenging to show vulnerability, but I'm working on it.

How well do you navigate the dynamics of compromise in relationships?

a) I'm skilled at finding mutually satisfying solutions.
b) I'm willing to make compromises to ensure a healthy balance.
c) I bring a sense of lightheartedness and flexibility to compromises.
d) I may need some extra time to find the right balance.

How open are you to learning and growing from your dating experiences?

a) Very open! I view every experience as an opportunity for growth.
b) I'm receptive to feedback and strive to improve in my relationships.
c) I find joy in discovering new things about myself and my partner.
d) I'm not sure, as I haven't had many dating experiences.

Now, let's find out what your dating superpower is based on your answers!

Remember, this quiz is just for fun.Embrace your strengths and continue to cultivate positive and healthy relationships.

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