How healthy is your relationship?

Saying sorry can be hard and it helps to think about how you do it best.

How do you typically react when you feel angry?

a) I express my anger openly and directly.
b) I try to calm myself down and take deep breaths.
c) I tend to suppress my anger and keep it to myself.
d) I may become passive-aggressive or give the silent treatment.

How often do you find yourself holding grudges or staying angry for a long time?

a) Rarely, I usually let go of my anger quickly.
b) Sometimes, it takes me a while to fully let go.
c) Often, I struggle to forgive and forget.
d) Most of the time, I find it challenging to move on.

What helps you cool down and regain control when you're feeling angry?

a) Talking it out with someone I trust.
b) Engaging in physical activity or exercise.
c) Taking some time alone to reflect and calm down.
d) Distracting myself with hobbies or entertainment.

How often do you resort to aggressive or confrontational behaviour when angry?

a) Rarely, I prefer to communicate assertively.
b) Occasionally, especially if I feel provoked.
c) Often, I tend to lash out verbally or physically.
d) Most of the time, I struggle to control my anger.

How would you describe your ability to communicate your anger effectively?

a) I am confident in expressing my anger assertively and constructively.
b) I try my best to express my feelings, but sometimes it's challenging.
c) I struggle to communicate my anger clearly, which leads to misunderstandings.
d) I find it difficult to express my anger in a healthy way.

What triggers your anger the most?

a) Feeling disrespected or treated unfairly.
b) Facing disappointment or unmet expectations.
c) Dealing with stress or pressure.
d) Various situations can trigger my anger.

How willing are you to seek help or guidance in managing your anger?

a) Very willing, I believe in the power of support and learning.
b) Somewhat willing, but I prefer to handle it on my own.
c) Not very willing, I think I can handle it without assistance.
d) Not willing at all, I don't think it's necessary.

How often do you find yourself apologising after expressing anger inappropriately?

a) Rarely, I make a conscious effort to control my anger.
b) Sometimes, when I realise I've overreacted.
c) Often, I regret my actions and apologise afterward.
d) Most of the time, I struggle to acknowledge my inappropriate behaviour.

Now, let's see the results!

Remember, this quiz is just for fun. If you find that you struggle with anger management, consider reaching out to a trusted adult or mental health professional for guidance and support.

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